Vijay-iOS Developer


Apple's iOS
( iPhone / iPad / iPod ) Developer

Phone (+91) 95 85 18 55 95
Address Chennai < Tamilnadu
Education Bachelor of
Computer Science & Engineering
Anna University - Chennai.

Technical Skills

Languages :  Swift, Objective - C, C, C++, Java
Game Development :  Cocos2D, Box2D Physics Engine
Database :  Core Data, SQLite
Development Tools :  XCode latest version, Instruments
Social service SDK :  Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare
Version control :  Git
Development tracking Tools :  Jira, Redmine
Beta testing :  CI, TestFlight
Operating System :  Mac, Windows

Requirement Analysis

  • Excellent Client interaction background with Smart, Innovative, Enthusiastic, Proactive.
  • Extracting the exact requirement of the product from the client.
  • Determining whether the stated requirements are clear, complete, consistent and unambiguous, and resolving any apparent conflicts.
  • Working directly with developers and product managers to conceptualise, build, test and realise products.
  • Ability to explain the system behavior & solutions to Non Technical and Technical people & stakeholders.
  • Documenting the requirement of the Product.
  • Gathering requirements around functionality and translate those requirements into elegant functional solutions.
  • Ability to capture Business Logic and Data needs.
  • Ability to generate high fidelity prototypes that closely imitate the final application.
  • Providing Estimation report & plan for the product.


  • Prototype / Wire Frame creation based on the client requirement and feedback.
  • Making UML based ER diagram for Product Design.
  • Supporting to the Web team to create the efficient Database schema for the robust Product.
  • Working along the web developers to create and maintain a robust framework to support the apps.
  • Determining technical systems configuration.
  • Determining & converting business logic into modules on software methodology.
  • Determine data structure for modules based on the business needs of the Application.
  • Designing the system & components as widget which can be used as plug & play.


  • Experience on consuming Web services, REST Services, XML Parsing, JSON Parsing.
  • Development experince in Android or Hybrid application development.

Quality Analysis

  • Creating the Test cases for the Product
  • Excellent testing/ QA skills.
  • Automated testing using SenTestcases or UIAutomation framework.
  • Able to work on unit testing, code coverage tools for Objective C.


  • Deliver across the entire app life cycle -concept, design, build, deploy, test, release to app stores and support
  • Familiar on App Store provisional portal configuration and Maintenance.
  • Familiar on App Store submission and Apple's human interface guidelines.


  • Keep up to date on the latest industry trends in the mobile technologies.
  • Self-driven and operate independently with less guidance

Game Development

  • Cocos2D, Box2D physics engine
  • I have created & practiced with below Apps which Could express my knowledge on Cocos2D and Box2D physics engine.
    • Angry Birds - I Level
    • Apple Shooting Game
    • iDial App